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Hi, My name is Stefan Gwiggner and I’m grateful that our paths have crossed and you’ve landed here. My mission and purpose is to help create viewers for streamers and lasting revenue for gaming entrepreneurs using a brandnew strategy.


I’ve started 7 years ago online and throughout these years i have created lots of products, promoted hundreds of offers, tested a bunch of online programs and made a ton of money, but i never really felt happy in my life. There was something missing and that was my passion to games. Yeah i’ve uninstalled all games and tried to survive without them but it was just not possible Xd. It felt like the love of my life is missing. I was living a life that i didn’t really wanted to.

I started going back into gaming and combined my whole marketing knowledge and relationships to help streamers, gaming entrepreneurs and beginners to build up an online community and follower base in a very short amount of time that most gamers dream of. Thats how i was finally able to create a prooven way to get viewers, followers and money as a gaming entrepreneur really fast. We wasn’t expecting to get these kind of insane results in this short amount of time but yeah its 2019 and there are so many ways to make money online. You just need to pick your passion and have a prooven way and strategy!

I have invested thousands of hours of testing and even more money into my online career. I know exactly what works and what does not work. If you are a gamer and intrested in making money online i will give away 10 free STRATEGY CALLS. I would be easy able to charge 100-200$ for this valuable info but today i will give it to you for free. If you are intrested in a massive change feel free to reach out now!! Make sure you do it now as this is very limited!


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Stefan Gwiggner