Stefan, is this even working? Is it worth spending my time?

Do you have proof of this system?

These are the most asked questions i get from my clients and my simple answer to this is YES, because we’ve tested this over and over again!

On this page we are going to share some of the first results we’ve got for our clients and myself in the last couple of months. It is mindblowing!

If you want to see real proof please keep on reading!

I’m going to show you how we took 3 Twitch Accounts in 2 Months from Zero to Hero!

First I’m going to share the growth of these 3 channels. For that you need to know what channel views are of course. This is the total number of visitors on your twitch channel and you can find this number below your Twitch Live Stream Channel.

Total number of twitch channel viewers
Twitch Channel Viewer Numbers for Client A, Client B and Client C

Client B was a brandnew account and we were able to push him up to almost 100.000 channel views and high 3 figures of earnings in 1 month! Absolutely amazing!

Client C account was already half a year old. He was getting results but was struggling to get over 25 viewers on his live stream. We’ve implemented our strategy and now he is able to get 100-300 viewers on his live streams and has now over 4000 Followers.

Client D was streaming already for almost 2 years! He was just on the way to quit streaming on twitch. Glad he found us! We worked with him on the setup and his channel exploded! He’s on the way to crush it hard in 2020!

We are not going to share any account names in the public as everyone would just reach out to them and ask them annoying questions! We are protecting our clients! Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions!


Success Screenshots! Do you want to be our next success story?

Results from one of our clients. Took him 30 days to implement our strategy and his channel took off!
First Sub for a client! Start setting small short goals and big long term goals!
Best day for a client worked extremely hard! Brandnew account 2 months!
400 live viewers for a brandnew account! This will put you in the Top 10 positions on twitch easy!